01 September, 2014

Ashi Figurines: Koneko Toujou (Highschool DxD - Toy's Works)

Koneko Toujou
Ashifeti Appeal: Black Socks
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Oh Koneko! I don’t care about you that much. I mean, I’m a oppai lover and when a show like DxD presents a cast full of the most deliciously voluptuous ladies in anime, a flat chested girl like her doesn't stand any chance to compete for my attention… unless she does kinky stuff like making udon by kneading the dough with her cute feet, like in that special short episode. *o*

Or when a company decides to create a figurine of her where she’s clearly doin’ a footjob to a series of phallic objects in a slippery massage bed. Yeah, don’t get fooled by the pantsu shot, the hidden message lies around those sultry positioned feet in black socks ready to receive whatever you want to put under them. :3

KF Scenes: Kisara Bloody Steps

Those painful screams of agony at the beginning (little warning if you have the headphones on) come from Kazumitsu. Kisara severed his leg with a technique called agiosoutouken, a Tendou own style technique that consist of a single precise cut, but Kisara’s version hit twice with the second strike being faster than the speed of sound… oh, I forgot to mention that in this anime the females have inhuman abilities due a virus, that’s how she’s able to drawn her sword at that incredible speed.

I don’t like seeing blood tainting her beautiful feet but it is a nice effect that they get bloodier with each step. I’m trying to discern if her toenails (thankfully full nails this time) have a coat of pink polish. Anyway, gotta give props to ( . )( . ) for the tips of this Black Bullet episode.

KF Scenes: Feet of Destiny

Destiny is destiny… oh wait, wrong series xDD The battle for destiny (still sounds like the title of a bad low budget action movie) between Kisara (girl with the hime-cut) and this other guy who she assumes is the responsible for the death of her parents ten years ago (hey, this can’t be a “serious” angst anime without the character whose whole purpose is to get vengeance).

While Kisara explains her technique style dedicated to kill all the Tendous (yep, she even names it Ryukosougeki or some crap like that) we get this nice view on her bare feet during the lifting motion of the sword. Toenails aren’t full barely visible but there’s always something sexy about a barefooted schoolgirl holding a blade. :3

KF Scenes: Gaga's Funky Feet

Hehe, this post is heading onto the lulz side but also because of the running mega marathon of the Simpsons (that will end later tonight). Even when I lost interest on further seasons after 9, I still watched the show occasionally. It was on the 18th (more or less) onwards that I stopped caring, so this scene is new to me (yes, I just saw this episode a few hours ago when it aired on FXX).

4-toed old fashioned cartoon style designs in no way are appealing to me, yet with all this fuzz of the Simpsons I think I’ll make an exception. Ok, in this scene we see the bare feet of Lady Gaga, who gets off those weird 70’s inspired boots.. now confession time: I kinda like Gaga’s feet (the real Gaga, that is), they are nothing special, but they’re nice looking, splendid slender shape and probably the part I like the most from them is those chunky big toes of hers. So yeah, you could say that I’m posting this clip because of my certain fixation for the feet of the real life Gaga.

31 August, 2014

KF Scenes: Erio trying to clean her foot

Wow! First clip posted by me in a long, long time. I was scared I wouldn’t remember how to do this… Jk (hehe). Ah! this brings good memories because this anime played a big role to convince me to start taking the best footy moments and upload them into streaming format. I loved it the very first time I did it, and I still do despite everything. So here we are again. ^^

Ok, the real reason I’m kicking off with a scene from the Psychoelectric Girl (I frickin’ love the English title) is because a netizen (Bass) asked for the exact episode of a particular event involving the cutesy Erio. Now, this scene is exclusive to the DVD/BD version and this something Shaft does often; adding extra scenes to the original tv run for the retail version. This is one of the lengthiest examples for it almost goes up to a full minute of bonus segment. I’m posting the part where Erio cleans up her foot, but there’s another half of minute to go (not feet focused at all).