13 April, 2014

Streaming: Agent AIKa OVA 6 - Aika vs Delmo (II)

From Agent AIKa OVA 6. The last clip of the episode and of the series, with nice foot views about Aika. I found nice even a view at 0:03 when a Delmo blocks Aika’s kick using a hand (unfortunately there is the blur effect T_T). Then at 0:07 a gorgeous and fast close up on Aika’s right foot but worthy of attention *.* (a bit fast but easy to stop). Then between 0:13 and 0:14 a view on Aika’s bare feet while she prepares to jump and at 0:15 a fast view on her feet while she lands on the head of a Delmo (Aika’s toes are nicely defined while she jumps from the Delmo’s head, but it’s fast). Then another nice view on Aika’s bare feet and soles at 0:18 while she knockout two Delmo (Aika’s toes have a nice effect :3).

Streaming: Agent AIKa OVA 6 - Aika vs Delmo (I)

From Agent AIKa OVA 6. A nice series of foot views on Aika’s bare feet and toes while she jumps. The close up is at 0:02 a view on the right foot and left foot (it’s the best because it’s more close). It’s a bit fast, but not too much going “pause by pause” when start the second 2 you shouldn’t have problems. Then a close up on the sole (but with shoes T_T of a Delmo at 0:03 (I like when Aika put her hand on the Delmo’s foot at 0:04 :3). Then at 0:10 a view on Aika’s soles with a close up on her heel at 0:11.
This is my favourtie OVA of the series: Aika, Rion and the others go ina military base to test a special jet. Aika has to do many test to see if she is able to pilot it. In reality it’s a Delmo plan to get info on Aika.