15 December, 2014

Streaming: Beelzebub ep 33 - Shizuka Ashiatsu Scene

From Beelzebub ep 33. A very nice Ashiatsu scene performed by Shizuka Nanami (18 years old, height: 166cm) on Kaname izuma’s back after their volleyball training session. 
The bad thing is that she wears socks T_T but Ashiatsu scenes are very rare in anime. There is a close up on her foot from 0:16. Here the links to the animated gifs: Shizuka close upShizuka normalShizuka zoomed in.
Shizuka is a member of the Rokkisei (Six Knights), she is also the captain of the Archery Club of the Saint Ishiyama Academy.

Streaming: Beelzebub ep 24 - Angelica's bare feet

From Beelzebub ep 24. The best (and only for what I recall) close up on Angelica’s bare feet and sole. She is trying to help Furuichi to get free from the bars in her way XD
Angelica is the daughter of Alaindelon the transdimensional demon who let to Beelzebub IV, Hilda and the other demons to reach the Human World from the Makai.

Streaming: Beelzebub ep 20 - Aoi ready to fight

From Beelzebub ep 20. A nice close up on Aoi’s feet wearing tabi socks and zori sandals when her and the “Red Tails” arrive to support Tatsumi in his fight. Here the link to the animated gif: Aoi #3.

Streaming: Beelzebub ep 18 - Hilda angry

From Beelzebub ep 18. A nice close up on Hilda’s sole wearing black socks after that she kicked out Tatsumi through the window.
Beel-chan has a terrible fever, but Tatsumi doesn’t seem take care of it, on the contrary he thinks to the benefits he has from this situation. This makes Hilda angry.