19 October, 2014

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 73 - Lucy's bending toes

From Fairy Tail ep 73. Another great close up on Lucy’s bare soles while she is in bed. I really like how look her toes and the detail of her who moves them :3 Just a line to define her soles, but it’s enough for me here.
Here the links to two animated gifs about Lucy when bends her toes:normal speedfast speed (with a little zoom).

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 73 - Lucy's bare soles *.*

From Fairy Tail ep 73. A gorgeous close up on Lucy's bare soles *.* Her toes and soles are nicely defined, really an awesome close up.
There is the "cherry blossom festival" in Magnolia, but Lucy has caught a terrible cold so she can't go. Here the link to an animated gif about the close up: Lucy's soles.

17 October, 2014

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 70 - Wendy's Toes

From Fairy Tail ep 70. A fast close up on Wendy Marvell’s feet and toes while she is escaping from the fake dragon. The close up is near 0:10 (pratically near the end of second 0:09) it’s really fast, but the toes are nicely defined and the toenails full defined, for me worth it.
A strange woman is interested to dragons and witha trick captures Natsu to use him as energy source for her invention.

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 68 - Wendy's crying

From Fairy Tail ep 68. A nice close up on Wendy Marvell’s feet with sandals.
The powerful weapon “Nirvana” is finally destroyed and for Wendy it’s the time of the truth: the Caitshelter guild doesn’t exist as don’t exist all the people she have known there. All was an illusion created by Robaul. 
He is the last of the “Nirvit” the people that 400 years ago created the “Nirvana”. He wasn’t able to destroy it so He decided to keep watch it. He wasn’t able to find peace after he died and he lived as a “ghost”. A guy bring Wendy to him and to make her happy Robaul imagines the guild and the persons  making them "live"(this recall a little FFX where the Fayth “dreams” Zanarkand and the people who lived there)
. Now that Nirvana is destroyed he is able to find peace (always from FFX it recalls when after the defeat of Yu Yevon, Auron receive the sending saying “This is your world now”).

16 October, 2014

Streaming: Yosuga no Sora ep 10 - Sora's private moments

From Yosuga no Sora ep 10. A nice close up on Sora’s bare feet. Her toes look nice with the toenails defined.
This is the “moment of truth”. Haruka wakes up to get a glass of water, passing in front of Sora’s room, he notices the light on and he can hear particular noises. He opens slightly the door to see inside and sees that Sora isn’t in her bed, but on the floor and that she is masturbating mentioning his name. Shocked, Haruka puts and hand on his mounth crying.
I found this scene a bit dramatic: that is the only way for Sora to express her forbidden love for Haruka, her twin brother. She knows that if she talks to him about that, their lives wouldn’t be the same anymore.