15 September, 2014

Ashi Figurines: Houki Shinonono (I.S - Kitsune Miko FREEing)

Houki Shinonono
Ashi Appeal: Getas
Gallery: 10

Here’s the lovely Houki from the international harem, posing in a really sexy inspired miko attire coupled with cute foxy ears and tail. A kitsune miko, in other words. Amazing figurine, and if you want this piece for display in your room, you gotta handle a good chunk of money for it, more of less US$220 (including shipment costs).

Why so pricey? For starters, this is an actual pretty designed statue, The dress is gorgeous, the stockings have traces of folds that denote the position of her legs slightly bent on the knee area, a really nice fall over the shoulder of the top part of the kimono. The skirt has an immaculate shade or red, and there’s the thing that caught my attention: geta sandals!! But also... this fig is 1/4 in scale. It's a big model!!

Usually, shrine priestess are seen wearing zori sandals, or platform flatten okobos, not this one. She has the real deal. Wooden getas with two “has” (teeth, the supporting pieces below). What I really liked is the sweet detail of the toes popping from the front (see the perspective if you see the figurine exactly in front of you), That’s an automatic “must buy” check on my book. Btw, this fig will be released on March next year, pre-orders are open in sites like Amiami or HobbyLink.

13 September, 2014

KF Flicks: Fumiko no Ashi

Fumiko no Ashi is a short live action adaptation of a short novel written by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, an iconic novelist of modern Japanese literature… and the OG of foot fetishism in said country (also, maybe for netorare too because of Kagi, but that’s another bowl to eat from). Tanizaki’s fixation for the female feet is very implicit across many of his works, like in “The Tattooer” (his breakout as an renowned author), the main character called Seikichi, had a foot fetish (and a penchant to inflict pain to their clients with needles xD ). Is with Fumiko’s Legs where this is openly treated.

This brief film features an angel… I mean, Rosa Kato, an angel *o* A beautiful creature with the prettiest face and divine feet (I’m sure the casting director asked for pictures of feet from various actresses, and he chose well) playing the role of a mistress for this old man who is enamored with her feet (who wouldn't). Then, we have this young man who is there to act on behalf of all of us footy lovers for the reason that he does exactly what any of us would do, stare at her beautiful feet like idiots at any chance possible. I assure you’ll relate to him hard!

He has his own story, a motive for why he loves feet. This is presented in flashbacks sequences of him as a little kid lying on a sea shore looking at the feet of a unknown woman, then resting his head on her feet in a sweet way (it probably could be his mother, this is never explained). He feels safe with having feet close to him, this is why he’s so attached to look at them, to adore, to worship them.

Rosa Kato’s character suffers a substantial change from being quite startled about the old man peculiar requests focusing on her legs/feet (like portraits where she’d pose with her legs widely centered), to a strangely amusing sense of domination, of empowerment. A smile is drawn on her face when she finds out what feet can do to men. I don’t want to spoil the end, but this is a gorgeous depiction of what foot fetishism is. A genuine, sensual bittersweet story.

12 September, 2014

Doujinshi Scans: Hiyoko no Stocking Fetish

Hiyoko no Stocking Fetish
Rating: 10/10
Gallery: 6

When one who loves hentai seeks for some pantyhosed ladies, you go to G-Panda to fulfill that desire. It you wish for kneesocks, then the stop is at Akaza. Stockings in the other hand, it belongs to Hiyoko. The boss for the thigh silky nylons.

Oh, the way this artists does feet, you can notice that he/she has feet in mind all the time. The so called fetish line on the back of the stockings starting in the upper, draws a uniform straight figure that leads to her feet caressing sensually the curvature of the heel. You know she loves the feeling of the stockings on her legs and feet. She displays those sexy feet like effective weapons to seduce men... Btw, that woman is kinky, slurping the cum from the stockings she used to give a footjob. Lovely image. :3

Doujinshi Scans: Hisho Kan Iku-chan no Senzoku Seikan Massage (KanColle)

Kankourei 4
Rating: 1000000/10
Gallery: 9

Easily the best footy doujinshi of the year. 9 pages of pure bliss with sexy anthropomorphized submarine i-19 showing prowess of her skills as a foot mistress to give the ride of his life to this lucky guy. She will work his rod from every angle: You want toes, she does toejobs. How about a shaft rub with them? You got it! Soles? She can wrap his dick with her ample feet bottoms for maximum grip.

Heck! She can go as far as to trample his balls digging with her toes to force a burst or pre-cum from a normal front stance or reverse footjob while she smothers him with her delicious giant boobs. Incredible! No wonder he cums so hard and furiously after receiving such amazing ashi service. ^_^

Doujinshi Scans: Kaerubics 2

Kaerubics 2
Rating: 8/10
Gallery: 3

The adventures of the froggy loli whose naked body we can see as clear (through the thin rubbery costume) as a bonfire in a dark souls game, continues. No ashikoki in this one, unfortunately, but we still have a nice few pages focused on the nice curvy footsies of the cute girl (those eyes of the cover are hilarious xDD ). Well, the suit does what it promises, and she seems to be really into it by now. Her boyfriend must be the happiest guy in the world.