27 December, 2014

Anri Suzuki Ashikoki Torenka Scene

First of all, "torenka" is the Japanese term for stirrup leggings; yep, those pants that taper at the ankle with a strap below the foot. There's a unique appealing about the separation provided by this strap that looks hot on the feet and especially on the sole area leaving the heel apart, it's really arousing ^^. Anyway, a friend of mine (who also has a deep foot fixation) loves this particular leg garment for said reasons mentioned. So I was trying to get him to watch this scene from a jav but when I was about to retrieve it, I forgot that the hard drive where I have it stored was inside my older broken ass computer. There I go to the store to buy a friggin' sata driver adapter in order to get the movie where this clip is from.

Who is the lady on action this time? the lovely Anri Suzuki. A dame with probably one of the most beautiful pair of legs that ever graced the Japanese adult industry. A long, exquisite descend along them has the reward of enjoying her equally gorgeous feet. Not only she has pampered peds with a sultry looking dark polish on them, she knows what to do with them and how to pose these babes to provoke peaks of major turn on capable of producing volcanic eruptions of sheer pleasure. Btw, this is only a scene, the whole movie features more of Anri and her feet. She gives footjobs while barefooted, on nylons (a la office lady) and even with boots on. Just said the word if you want me to upload the jav for you. ^^

26 December, 2014

Streaming: Tomoko Twisted Ankle Close-up

Who else was fooled with the beginning of this special episode when they show off a way cooler and attractive version of Tomoko? Anyway, here we are with a footy excerpt of this OVA that came bundled along in… what volume of the manga was included? I think number 7. Ahh. The highlight won’t feature a full view on her cute feet, but it is something that I didn’t want to leave out.

In this scene, Tomoko is taking advantage of her minor snapped ankle injury to just keep slacking off when her mother orders her to go on an errand to the store. Man, even her fake pain wails sound awkward xDD Instead, Tomoko’s brother goes in her place.

Footy Art of Christmas '14

Ashi Selection (X'mas '14)
Gallery: 50

Well, how was everyone's day today? I hope y'all had a blast with your loved ones talking about what the year brought while eating a lot, opening gifts or just plainly enjoying the unique mood of the holidays. In case you didn't got a present of your liking, allow me to be Santa Seras for this special occasion by bringing the best Christmas inspired art amazing artists all over pixiv came out with (these are new, not from last year's X'mas).  50 illustrations, lots of gifts, lots of footyness to jingle your socks hanged from the chimneys/ Enjoy! ^^

20 December, 2014

Streaming: GANTZ (2011 Live Action) - Natsuna's bare feet *.*

From GANTZ (2011 Live Action) a series of gorgeous close up on Natsuna’s bare feet and soles in the role of Kei Kishimoto*.*  The first view starts at the beginning of the clip while the foot is “downloaded” (between0:03 and 0:04 we can see her big toe moves). Immediately after ther is a far view on her sole, it’s true is far but we can admire her sole, heel and ankle perfectly *.* The first gorgeous close up on her soles is at 00:42, then at 0:49 we can admire both her soles (with sole wrinkles). At 0:50 the second gorgeous close up on her soles. The clip was taken from the Bluray version. Here three animated gifs: Natsuna#1, Natsuna#2, Natsuna#3
There is the same scene in the anime series episode 1, but there aren’t so many and so gorgeous close up like here.
Some info about Natsuna (Natsuna Watanabe): height 165cm, body size: 83-57-86, japanese shoe size: 24 so I think to can say that her feet are long 24.8cm.