25 October, 2014

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 80 - Coco runs barefooted

From Fairy Tail ep 80. A nice close up on Coco's bare feet while she is running. The first close up starts from 0:05 to 0:09, while the second starts from 0:12 to 0:15. Here the link to three animated gifs: Coco runs (normal)Coco runs (slowed)Coco arrives.

Coco is the messenger of the king of Edolas, she is always barefooted and she really likes run. There are many close ups and footy contents about her and Coco's feet are the "protagonist" of an episode.

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 77 - Wendy under the rain

From Fairy Tail ep 77. A nice close up on Wendy's feet with sandals while she is searching Carla under the rain. This episode is the "prelude"  to the "Edolas Arc". Wendy's expression at 0:04 is so cute :3

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 75 - Evergreen's foot

From Fairy Tail ep 75. A close up on Evergreen's foot wearing stockings, while she falls in a trap.
It's the time of the traditional " 24 hours endurance race" for the mages of the Fairy Tail guild. Every mage has an only thought: win to avoid the dreadful punishment that master Makarov will fall to the loser (all the mages of Fairy Tail say that his punishments are "extremely terrible").

19 October, 2014

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 73 - Lucy's bending toes

From Fairy Tail ep 73. Another great close up on Lucy’s bare soles while she is in bed. I really like how look her toes and the detail of her who moves them :3 Just a line to define her soles, but it’s enough for me here.
Here the links to two animated gifs about Lucy when bends her toes:normal speedfast speed (with a little zoom).

Streaming: Fairy Tail ep 73 - Lucy's bare soles *.*

From Fairy Tail ep 73. A gorgeous close up on Lucy's bare soles *.* Her toes and soles are nicely defined, really an awesome close up.
There is the "cherry blossom festival" in Magnolia, but Lucy has caught a terrible cold so she can't go. Here the link to an animated gif about the close up: Lucy's soles.